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Dr Federico Stella

Dr Federico Stella
Postdoctoral Researcher - Naples

Federico Stella (PhD in Oriental Studies at Sapienza University of Rome, 2014). He has a background in the historico-philosophical studies: his doctoral thesis was focused on the political philosophy of al-Fārābī and he has a strong interest in the thought of German-Jewish philosopher Leo Strauss.

The goal of his Post-doc will be to publish a critical edition of the following Baldassarre’s writings: 1) two long letters which contain translations of the Qur’ān into Italian written as a response to the polemical letter Muḥammad Bulghaith al-Darawī – a Muslim jurist enslaved in Livorno – sent to Baldassarre (APUG, Ms. 1060-01, ff. 292r-294v; APUG, Ms. 1060-04, pp. 52-98 ) ; 2) a Latin oration in which Baldassarre deals with the Islamic doctrines (APUG, Ms. 1060-04, pp. 1-44). The critical edition of these writings will be introduced by a study regarding Baldassarre’s understanding of the Qur’ān and Islamic doctrines.

Furthermore, Stella is also working on the books of Vincenzo Calza: Algeria (1844) and his Italian translation of the Qur’ān published with the title: Il Corano. Versione italiana del Cav. Commend. Vincenzo Calza, Console generale pontificio in Algeri. Con commenti, ed una notizia biografica di Maometto (1847).

Watch below on YouTube his project research presentation