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Adrián Rodríguez Iglesias

Adrián Rodríguez Iglesias
Phd Candidate - Madrid

Adrián Rodríguez Iglesias is a PhD candidate at the Universidad de Oviedo and the Universiteit van Amsterdam whose PhD project focus on some specific textual production of the Qur’an among mudéjares and moriscos: abbreviated Qur’ans. He develops his work at the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas in Madrid.

Previously, he obtained a first Bachelor’s degree in Romance Philology (Universidad de Oviedo) and a second Bachelor’s degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies (Universidad de Granada). He was a member of the staff of the Applied Languages Department at the Institut Supérieur des Sciences Humaines de Tunis (Université de Tunis-El Manar) for several years while he studied Arabic on the Institut Bourghiba des Langues Vivantes (IBLV – Universite de Tunis-El Manar). Recently, he attended a doctoral seminar specialized in aljamiado studies (CERMOM-INALCO).

He also achieved a first Master’s degree in High School Teaching and a second Master’s degree in Higher Hispanic Studies (Universidad de Sevilla), where its Master’s thesis has been awarded as the Best Master’s Thesis related to Equality Policies by the Universidad de Sevilla on 2019. During 2020, he also accomplished the University Specialist degree on Equality Policy Management (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) and he was part of the gender consultancy external team that carried out the First diagnosis on discriminations against LGBTIQ people at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (2020).

Watch below on YouTube his presentation of his thesis.

On 15 February 2024 Adrián Rodríguez Iglesias defended his PhD thesis in the Universiry of Amsterdam titled ‘El Corán abreviado entre mudéjares y moriscos: Tipología textual y estudio contrastivo’. He obtained a double grade, University of Oviedo and University of Amsterdam, both "cum laude". We congratulate Adrián and both his supervisors, Raquel Suárez García and Gerard Wiegers and also his co-supervisor Dr J.P. Arias Torres.

Video presentation of his thesis