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Publication by Jan Loop “Lorck’s illustration of the Kaaba. An Abrahamic family house?”

Jan Loop in Lorck’s illustration of the Kaaba, in the catalogue entry to the Melchior Lorck exhibition at Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen.

Exhibition Melchior Lorck – An Artist in Transit

9 November 2023 – 3 March 2024

Copenhagen at SMK

Facts, fiction and interpretation in the 16th century

A mythical creature with eight legs, a sultan with a giant turban, and an 11-metre-long panoramic view of Istanbul. Experience the largest exhibition to date of Melchior Lorck – one of the most remarkable Renaissance artists – and one of the most fascinating!

The Danish-German Melchior Lorck is one of Europe’s most important artists from the 16th century. His detailed illustrations fascinate us, but our knowledge about the man behind is full of gaps, and his artworks are surrounded by mystery and speculation about their intended meaning. However, we do know that Lorck distinguished himself with his inventiveness and creativity. He broke with the norms, invented new motifs, and pursued entirely new paths.