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EuQu International Workshop at UCPH – Interreligious Connectivity – Digitally Explored

Interreligious Connectivity – Digitally Explored

Location and date: University of Copenhagen, 17–19. April 2024

Organizers: Jacob Langeloh and Jan Loop

Digital technologies are revolutionizing how we store, access, and exchange knowledge. In this workshop, we explore how these technologies can be used to improve our understanding of historical interreligious encounters. The goals are 1) to showcase ongoing projects, 2) to evaluate best practices, 3) to provide an entry point to scholars who want to start using digital methods in their research, and 4) to offer a platform to start new networks and collaborations.

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Read the full call for papers here:

Participation will be possible online or physical. If you wish to sign up for registration via zoom follow this link: