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Appel à contribution de la revue TranScript

“Traduzione e Scrittura nel Medioevo Europeo”, journal scientifique en open access publié par Edizioni Ca’ Foscari. L’appel porte sur la figure du traducteur: “The translator in the Middle Ages: awareness and reality of a complex authorship”.

Modern languages and literary traditions developed in medieval and modern Europe in continuity with Latin and its written transmission. This is particularly evident in texts until at least the end of the fifteenth century. The relation of modern Europe with its Latin roots, combined with the study of the cultural relations established among the differing linguistic cultures of medieval Europe – Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Germanic, Slavonic – will help us understand this chapter of European cultural history, as will the study of written culture that enabled their transmission. We need to understand how this mise en écriture happened, what form did the texts materially take, how were the writing systems within Latin scripts revised in order to accomodate languages that had never been written before.