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New article by Florence Ninitte

The Representation and Narrative Function of the Language of the Saracens in French Medieval Literature (13th-14th Centuries)

Florence Ninitte, Nantes Université, France; ERC European Qur’an

In French medieval literature, the Saracens are recurring characters that authors represent in different ways. Of all the characteristics used to describe them, however, their language does not seem to have attracted much interest. While this characteristic is addressed less frequently than others (such as anthroponymy or religion), language remains, nonetheless, a significant feature that takes many forms. This article aims to give a first overview of how the language of the Saracens is described and its narrative function. This research will examine the small number of texts that explicitly represent the Saracen language.


Keywords: Jeu de Saint NicolasLivre des merveillesLivre de l’eschiele MahometMultilingualismArabicFrench medieval literatureJean BodelJean de MandevilleOld French