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Conference “The Quran. Epic and Apocalypse” with Todd Lawson

Conference organized by the University L’orientale di Napoli

Todd Lawson, University of Toronto,

The Quran . Epic and Apocalypse
Qur’an as Apocalypse
Giovedì 1 dicembre 2022
Ore 15:00
Antisala degli Specchi
IV piano di Palazzo Corigliano

Qur’an as Epic
Venerdì 2 dicembre 2022
Ore 15:00
Salone delle conferenze
II piano di
Palazzo Corigliano

More about Todd Lawson :

More about his book : Abstract:
A fascinating exploration, through the literary genres of epic and apocalypse, of one of the most widely read and recited book in the world How do people understand the Quran to be divine revelation?
What is it about the text that inspires such devotion and commitment in the reader/believer?
Todd Lawson explores how the timeless literary genres of epic and apocalypse bear religious meaning in the Quran, communicating the sense of divine presence, urgency and truth.
Grounding his approach in the universal power of story and myth, he embarks upon a fascinating inquiry into the unique power of one of the most loved, widely read and recited books in the world.