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International Workshop: Qur’an and Bible

Online conference organized by the University of Notre Dame and by the ERC project “The European Qur’an”

22-26 March 2021
From 15:00 to 17:00 Central European Time (10:00 to 12:00 US Eastern Time)

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  • 15:00 (times given are Central European Time) Introduction Tom Burman


  • 15:15 John TOLAN
    Bible and Qur’an at the Council of Basel (1431-1449)
  • 15:40 David BERTAINA
    Inmates of Hell: Muʿtazilī Qurʾānic Concepts in Medieval Catholic Thought
  • 16:05 Pierre COURTAIN
    Raymundus Martini’s use of the Qur’an in his De Seta Machometi
  • 16:30-17:00 Discussion


  • 15:00 Octavian-Adrian NEGOIȚĂ
    Bible and Qur’an in the Polemical Discourse of an Athonite Monk: Pachomios Rousanos’ (1508–1553) and His Anti-Islamic Treatise
  • 15:25 Maxime SELLIN
    Reading Qur’an through Biblical glasses, the example of the Qu’ran of Bellus.
  • 15:50 Gabriel Said REYNOLDS
    “Only the Most Perfect of the Perfects Could Possibly Institute the Perfection”: On Paul of Antioch’s Reading of the Qur’an.
  • 16:15 Rita George TVRTKOVIĆ
    Comparing Qur’anic & Biblical Mariologies: The Case of Two Williams
  • 16:40-17:00 Discussion


  • 15:00 Javier DE PRADO
    Putting the Qur’an to the test in the early Propaganda Fide’s apologetics (1610-1632)
  • 15:25 Federico STELLA
    Discovering the Christian Truth in the Qur’ān. The correspondence between Baldassarre Loyola Mandes S.J. and Muḥammad Bulghaith al-Darawī
  • 15:50 Sara FANI
    Testimonia Alcorani de Christo Domino: traces of the Papal inter-religious discourse at the hands of two Oriental clergymen
  • 16:15 Aleida PAUDICE
    Leon Modena’s Precetti di Maomotto nel suo alcorano
  • 16:40-17:00 Discussion


  • 15:00 Kentaro INAGAKI
    Levinus Warner and his reading of Islamic scriptures
  • 15:25 Asaph BEN-TOV & Jan LOOP
    The Qur’an as an exegetical tool in early modern Biblical Studies
  • 15:50 Emmanuelle STEFANIDIS
    Contes ridicules, plaisantes reueries, tres-belles moralitez: The reception of Qur’anic narratives in seventeenth century France
  • 16:15 Naima AFIF
    Jesus and the Bible in an 18th-century Translation of the Qur’an into Hebrew
  • 16:40-17:00 Discussion


  • 15:00 Vevian ZAKI
    Translating the King James Bible into Arabic: the Sabat/Martyn Translation (1816 CE)
  • 15:20 Michael PREGILL
    Mapping the Islamicate Midrashim: Uncovering the Earliest Phase of Jewish Engagement with the Qur’an
  • 15:40 Thomas HOFFMANN
    The Haphazard Alkoran and the Muhammadan Phoenix – on Grundtvig’s reception of Islam
  • 16:00 Gulnaz SIBGATULLINA
    Ecology of a vernacular Qurʾān: The case of Mūsā Bīgī’s Translation into Turki-Tatar
  • 16:20 Discussion
  • 16:40 Conclusion Jan LOOP

Copyright image: BnF, ms. arabe 384, fol. 125r (détail) : note marginale, attribuée au frère dominicain florentin Riccoldo da Monce Croce (1243-1320). Elle offre une traduction en latin des versets 12 à 30 de la sourate 19 (Maryam), portant sur l’Immaculée Conception