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The Iberian Qur’an/El Corán en Iberia

May 5-6 2021, Madrid ILC-CCHS-CSIC The conference is organized by the EuQu project, Mercedes Garcia-Arenal (CSIC, Madrid) and Gerard Wiegers, (University of Amsterdam) and will be held in Madrid and […]

EuQu Copenhagen Seminar of Work in Progress

The next EuQu Seminar of Work in Progress will be held on Thursday, 3 June, at 16.00 (CET). Reading the Arabic Qur'an in Early Modern Europe By Dr Paul BABINSKI, […]

Workshop “The European Qur’an”

21 - 25 June, 2021 UIMP Summer Course University Mendendez Pelayo of Santander, Spain Program and registration The objective of this seminar is to analyze the role that the Qur’an […]

Fête de la Science à Nantes

Du 08 octobre 2021 au 10 octobre 2021 La Halle 6, 42 Rue De La Tour D'Auvergne, 44200 Nantes À l’occasion des 30 ans de la Fête de la Science, […]

Arabic Expertise and Fiduciary Translation in Early Modern Spain

Claire Gilbert, Department of History, Saint Louis University Presentation of her book « In Good Faith » and discusion with : Roberto Tottoli Francisco Appellaniz Paola Gorla Coordina Francesca Bellino Salone delle conferenze […]